Airedon was asked to assist on a complicated proposal by Blacker Hall Farm aimed at rescuing a Listed Building which was in a state of disrepair and making the scheme viable by extending the existing farm shop and associated works.  In addition to a standard retail impact assessment, Airedon was also asked to prepare a sequential assessment for office development, impact upon sustainable development principles, and an assessment of the scheme’s impact upon the Green Belt.

The scheme was held-up due to the need to have Historic England’s agreement and a complicated Legal Agreement that ensured that the work on the Listed Building would be carried out in a timely manner and at an appropriate specification.

Although additional work was requested from the LPA regarding the sequential assessment in relation to small local centres relatively near to the site, no issues were raised with the assessment or the basis of the retail impact conclusions.

The project was assisted by the very clear information held by the Company regarding their existing customers and their shopping habits.


Image courtesy of Unsplash (Annie Spratt)